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Whether your business operates from one location or in multiple markets, Pride Industries will tailor a program to meet all of your residential, commercial and industrial mechanical service needs.

Commercial Refrigeration

Our technicians are trained to diagnose and fix any problem you may encounter with your commercial refrigeration products and perform routine maintenance and repair work to keep your systems operating efficiently. Our maintenance programs keep your equipment running at peak efficiency by adjusting all controls to factory recommended settings and then testing the performance of the entire system using the proper tools and testing equipment.

New Installs: Service & Repair

Whether it is a new item, an item you prefer to repair rather than replace or receive ongoing maintenance for, we have the staff, experience, training and work ethic that set us apart from our competitors. We know the technology, materials and maintenance required to meet your needs in a cost effective manner.

Domestic Hot Water Heating

The domestic hot water system you install will depend on the fuel type available and usage needs in the household. There are several types to choose from, each with a different efficiency range. Multifamily buildings have different requirements than single family housing. Another important factor when comparing water heaters is the First Hour Rating, FHR. The first hour rating measures how much hot water the heater will be capable of delivering during the hour of highest use. Estimating your peak hot water usage will help you identify an appropriate tank for your household or facility.

Steam & Hot Water Boiler Installations

Boilers and water heaters are new generation of high efficiency heating equipment, and government wants you to have it so bad, they will give you the money for having it. Average savings in fuel is over 25% compared to conventional equipment. This technology is very common in Europe, and now becomes available in US market. Considering that burning fuel is controlled by onboard computes and by utilizing new technology, contamination of air and impact on environment is reduced more than 30% compared to atmospheric boilers.

Ice Machines, Walk-in Boxes & Reach-in Freezers

We specialize in large, walk-in coolers/freezers installations and repair in the Tri-State area: Call us now for fast 24 Hour Repair!

Pride Industries commercial refrigeration service technicians are highly skilled and fully trained to assist you with all your restaurant refrigeration and cooling needs. You can count on Pride Industries to provide you with sales, installation, service and repair in New York for any of the following types of restaurant equipment.

Energy Conservation & Co-generative Energy

An engine generator produces two sources of energy: electricity and heat. While the electricity is used, the heat is typically unused and treated as waste (exhaust). Co-generation technology allows this waste heat to be re-used in boilers and dryers, saving a substantial amount of fuel. By producing both electrical and thermal energy at the same time, co-generation technology produces more energy from a single fuel source. This process is the best technology for energy conservation

Commercial Chillers & Rooftop Water Towers

We are one of the few companies that have the expertise to navigate industrial projects including but not limited to installation of water towers and chillers according to guidelines and specifications. We are able to replace existing units in addition to supplying, installing and maintaining new equipment.

Construction Projects

Our experienced mechanical and HVAC professionals to bring your projects in on-time and on-budget, construction contractors and project managers across New York rely on Pride Industries. We have been trusted partners building and engineering new construction projects in New York for 5 years.

Major/Minor Remodels

Whether it’s a new faucet or a new kitchen… we have the dedication and work ethic to take your remodel from fantasy to reality. We provide the highest quality services allowing our customers to change the look of any room to create the desired effect.

New Installs / Certifications / Replacements

On site HVAC design & installations, Chiller systems built to spec., FDNY mechanical violations rectified. Roof top tower replacement and installations. We provide all permits, filing and engineered drawings.

New connections to city water & sewer

We specialize in the intricacies of new construction and improvements to city water and sewer lines. We support our customers in all phases of project completion including but not limited to design review and permit acquisition.

Our Guarantee

We look to provide quality service for our clients and build long term customer relationships by
our commitment to excellence.